If you are thinking about upgrading your home using smart home technology, I found a great website to help you find the best options. I also have a few recommendations of my own.

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These days smart homes are only getting smarter, and there are some great, inexpensive ways for you to upgrade your home. 

I recently found the most wonderful website that is very helpful if you are wondering what to do to upgrade your home. There are a number of cheap little fixes you can make, and this site features everything from technology to lighting. 

We started out by purchasing a Ring Floodlight Cam. This is designed to replace our current floodlight. It comes with a camera and the sensor connects to my smartphone, which allows me to see all of the comings and goings in front of my house. 

There are also doorbells with cameras that allow you to see and speak to whoever is at your door at all hours of the day. 

Smart home locks allow you to lock or unlock the deadbolt from your phone.

Another favorite that I would recommend (especially if you have children) are the smart home locks. These are locks that have sensors that connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to unlock the deadbolt if the kids have bolted the door, or lock it in case you forgot. 

The garage door sensor is another favorite of mine. You can always make sure that the garage door is down just by checking your smartphone app. 

All of these great upgrades are available on Amazon or at Home Depot. To help you wade through all of the different options, I recommend visiting cnet.com

If you have any other questions or need providers to come and install these items for you, I am just a phone call or email away. I would be happy to help you!